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10 baby toys made from stuff you already have in the house

babytoys baby 10 baby toys made from stuff you already have in the houseDon’t get sucked into an ongoing spending pattern to buy ever more baby toys. You can probably find better things to do with your money and your baby will *love* the following toys made from stuff you already have in the house as well as store bought toys. Here’s our list of essentially free baby toys that you can put together easily in a matter of minutes. Even better all of these toys stimulate your baby’s development through sensory stimulation or direct experience of concepts.

  1. Make Maracas – use an empty softdrink bottle (POM juice bottles are awesome) and fill with anything that makes a noise (beans, lentils, old screws/nuts/bolts, etc).
  2. Make a cardboard snake – use paper rolls (from kitchen roll or toilet paper) and a piece of string, tie the cardboard rolls together with the string (make little holes and thread through). Your baby can use the cardboard snake to drag around the floor or just play with it
  3. Use empty food containers as stacking toys
  4. Make a paper woodpecker toy (follow the link for instructions)
  5. Make a glitter bottle – use an empty drink softdrink bottle and fill with water and glitter (e.g. used for costume make up). Your baby will love to look at the bottle and explore all the sparkling light.
  6. Make bubble liquid – use water and bit of dishwasher liquid to make bubble liquid, then use some wire or string to create awesome bubble (if you use string and a stick you can make giant bubbles)
  7. Make your own play dough with flour and water (and food coloring if you want)
  8. Make a hideout out of an empty cardboard box – use a large cardboard box (e.g. from an appliance you bough or pick one up at your local super market) and cut out a little door or whole so your baby can crawl inside and explore the concepts of “inside / outside”
  9. Shiny disco ball – use a piece of aluminum foil / tin foil scrunch up and attach to a piece of string. Switch off the lights and shine a torch on it with your baby. Let her explore the light reflections and hold the torch/ball.
  10. Drum kit – get some old pots and pans, and an old wooden spoon and set up as a drum kit. Show your baby how to use the spoon to hit the pots and pans to make sounds.

    There are literally hundreds of ideas for toys you can make yourself at home. Just use a bit of creativity and don’t worry too much about how “polished” toys look. Babies have been known to play for hours with a piece of wrapping paper …

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