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Ava’s first night at home

Ava1stnight Avas first night at homeWith Ava’s first night at home, we had her bassinet setup, nice new sheets and blankets, and right by the bed… Andrea and I had envisioned that Ava would happily sleep in the bassinet next to her parent’s bed peacefully… Ava had other idea’s, and who could blame her?!?! She has just spent the last 40 weeks inside her mother, why would she then want to spend anytime away from her mother.Andrea knew from the nights in hospital that Ava liked to sleep next to her, so this is what’s so at the moment… I’m not thinking it spells trouble just yet; she is just too little to be manipulative.

I’m afraid I’m no good, I can sleep through a Rock Concert, and do not hear when Andrea gets up, during the night and morning to sooth a screaming Ava. I would be willing too, I just need to be poked awake.

I hope we get some use out the bassinet…

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