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Baba Slings – Mum versus Dad Face Off

 Baba Slings   Mum versus Dad Face Off
Welcome to DIYFather Face Off reviews, featuring Andrea and Eric parents of Ava.

Andrea and Eric will review products and give their own views on the products.

This is a review of Baba Slings

lifestyle1 Baba Slings   Mum versus Dad Face OffBaba Slings allow for 7 different comfortable positions to cater for your baby’s changing moods and needs throughout the day. Carry from Birth up to 4 years. With discreet hands free Breast feeding on the go, have the life you want and still be the best Mum that you know how. Great for Jet setters & public transport.
Baba Slings are easy wearing with a specially imported Buckle and comfortable padding, + a safety strap & buckle. Fully adjustable for Mum and Dad, with a double strapping system. By putting no stress on baby’s developing hips & spine you can have peace of mind.

From Andrea (Mum)
I wasn’t sure about the Baba Sling when Eric first brought it home, for starters I thought that our little (or not so little) 10kg toddler had well and truly outgrown a sling and as it wasn’t something I regarded as a priority purchase when we had Ava I didn’t really see what there was to rave about.

After reading the pamphlet on the Baba Sling and looking at the instructions for wearing it, I thought you needed a degree to put the thing on correctly and was amazed to discover that it could be used up to 2 years +.

My first atte

mpt with the sling was one afternoon home by myself with Ava, I decided on a walk down to the shops. After much step by step studying of the instructions and some manoeuvring I had Ava firmly attached to my hip. Well, Ava LOVED it! I walked down to the shops with her happily tucked up under my arm and head on my chest, she was even quietly content as I walked around the supermarket picking up the few things I needed, a task that usually vocal outbursts. It was great I had a quiet, happy child and two free hands. I did find however that with the weight of my little heffa-lump I did start to get a sore shoulder/back but this could have been due to the fact that it was my first effort and I may not have got it all quiet right.

Having used the

Baba Sling a few more times now, I’m completely sold. Once you get the hang of it its quite easy to use and I can’t believe how much Ava enjoys being in it, when I pick it up she gets very excited and wants to jump in straight away. I think she likes the closeness of it and if I have another child it is definitely something I think I would use from birth.

All in all another great product, it takes a little bit of patience and studying of the instructions to get it right but their website also has fantastic easy to follow instructional videos. Great for babies and toddlers alike although as they get bigger and heavier they can wiggle around a bit which isn’t always comfortable.

Thumbs up from Mum (and Ava)

From Eric (Dad)

This was one product I was excited about reviewing, I have seen slings in use and wondered what it was like using them, as I like the idea of my child being close to me, as well as having my hands free.

I carefully read the instructions, tried it on a few times, and then proceeded to put Ava in the Sling… over the top, before thinking it works better to put the soft flexible sling over the top of Ava!

I have used it a couple times in the ‘Hipstar’ position, (Ava over one hip) while carrying Ava to her day-care educator.
A few things to note:
• Ava is 15 months old
• Over 10kgs
• And I’m an average guy, with broad back and shoulders, and at least used to be strong.
10 minutes of Ava in the Sling was more than I could handle, it really pulled on the muscles in my shoulder.

I then tried to use it in the ‘Piggy Back’ position, poor Ava I am so lucky she is such a chilled-out baby, she thought it was a laugh her dad doing contortions trying to sort out the Sling.

But then one visit to the Baba Slings website I viewed the video instructions! FANTASTIC and not just the Sling but also the Baba Sling Website, there has clearly been every intention to include fathers as parents into not only the branding of Baba Sling but also in the Videos, as a Man it is a lot easier to relate too when watching another man put on the Sling.

Full Credit to Baba Sling!!! From DIYFather for their focus on parents being a mother and father.

2 Responses to Baba Slings – Mum versus Dad Face Off

  1. Hi Andrea and Eric,

    It’s really gr8 to hear your comments on Baba Slings, having used them with my last 4 babies for many years in all kinds of situations and for many hours at a time, I would like to offer a few tips that should give you more comfort whilst wearing.

    1. try tightening the straps, if you feel that you need to hold your baby, tighten again, this will bring babies weight in towards you, instead of them pulling you forward

    2. make sure the shoulder pad is evenly on your shoulder

    3. if you have your bub in the hipstar possy, try dropping the shoulder pad onto the upper arm, this creates a lovely counter-balanced effect.

    4. make sure that the bottom railing goes right up to babies knees while sitting upright.

    Also as Andrea has said, if you had the Baba Sling from birth, you would have had a chance to get used to it before she got too heavy, oh well at least you’ll have it for your next addition!

    ~ Shanti

  2. eric says:

    Thanks for the tips Shanti

    I do try to get Ava as close to me as possible in the BubaSling, it is a lot more comfortable that way

    - Eric

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