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Bringing Out the Best in Your Boys

fatherson Bringing Out the Best in Your Boys“Girls are so much nicer than boys … I don’t know how you cope!”
If you have boys in your home, you will have heard this comment many times. I know, because I have twin boys who are charging through life on anything with wheels, playing war games with anything they can hit each other with and they only know its time to stop when there’s tears … ok, so they are only 3 and a half, and they are actually great kids. But compared to their sister, they are FULL-ON!!

I came home yesterday to see my little guys, complete with sheets for capes, jumping off the chairs … they were both Superman, and they were flying. They got so excited to show me as I walked through the door, that the resulted jump ended with my two super heroes taking a hit … busting into tears on the floor. I looked at them, gave them the once-over and said “no blood”. With that, they were back up on the chairs as if nothing had happened.

The truth is that boys will be boys … it’s the way we have been designed.

But in a society where boyishness is frowned upon, where so many homes now are single-parent homes … usually missing the dad from the daily mix,, many parents are at a loss about how to bring up their boys. So here’s some thoughts from child Psychologist, Dr James Dobson:

• Don’t try to eliminate a boy’s naturally aggressive & excitable behaviours; its your job to shape and civilise it.

• Deal decisively with bullies in their life

• Boys NEED rules, but conveyed within a loving relationship.

• Boys needs appropriate affection, attention & approval from their father

• And spend both quality AND quantity time with your boy … because boys need both!

focusonfamily Bringing Out the Best in Your BoysTim Sisarich, Executive Director Focus on the Family NZ as heard on Scrubcutters , Newstalk ZB

One Response to Bringing Out the Best in Your Boys

  1. Traci says:

    Loved this post. I have three little boys and wow! I never anticipated the energy level. Little boys may be more of a handful than little girls, but I’m pretty sure I’d prefer a teenage boy over a teenage girl any day. ;) I like the tips listed here – it really is all about channeling the excitement and aggression, not getting rid of it altogether. The things that make a little boy “difficult” as a child are actually the things that will make him successful (and a great dad!) as an adult, if the right boundaries are established.

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