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Childrens Face Painting

phyperfacepaint Childrens Face PaintingI have been a little bit worried after being told by my wife that we need to make sure that we are doing all we can with Pyper, and so sometimes as a male I forget things to do with her, or activities that I plan get pushed to the back burner because of weather or a change in events etc. Now this might look like for example taking pyper to the indoor pools and taking her swimming, or playing with her inside or giving her pegs to put in the box, no matter what we think everyday is a new adventure and they love everything. My problem is letting her do anything, and by this basically I will let her try most things once, except playing with a python, knives, grenades, or other such death defying instruments.

So what i have decided to do and I haven’t done it yet, is to find out from the daycare providers all the different activities I can do and things that they are currently doing either as a one off or more frequently. And after all this I can put together a plan of what her activities look like, because I admit it, I suck at it.

Yesterday her grandparents are down to help out since Renee is in hospital, and they had brought Pyper to see Renee, and I only saw the back of her, and when she turned around she had a red nose, and yellow eyebrows and cheeks, she looked very cute. So forget the spraypaint you might have lying or some old house paint, look at some water based paint for your children and play with them, they will love it.

Good luck

- Scott

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