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DIY in minutes: bracelets for you daughter

button bracelets DIY in minutes: bracelets for you daughterGet some father-daughter time and show her what a great dad you are by making a bracelet with her. This little project is real simple and relaxing to make.

Things you will need:
A bag of buttons
Ribbon ¼ inch or less in width

Step by step instructions
1) Cut a 12 inch length of ribbon with one end cut at a sharp angle. On this angled end, wrap a piece of tape around the end to create a thin point.

2) Wrap the ribbon around the widest part of your child’s hand, usually at the knuckles and measure with the ribbon. You use this measurement to see how long your button pattern should be because this is how much you will need to slip onto their hand.

3) Now take your bag of buttons and spread out the buttons for your child to see. Let your child use their creativity and pick out buttons they would like on their bracelet.

4) Lay the buttons in a straight line, creating the pattern that your child wants on the bracelet. You can even stack a smaller button onto a larger button when creating this pattern.

5) Once you and your child are satisfied with the pattern, you can help them start threading the buttons onto the ribbon using the pointy end. Thread from the back side of the button through one hole and then back through the front side of the opposing button hole. For the stacked buttons, thread through the back side of the larger button, through the back side of the smaller button, through the front side of the smaller button, and back through the front side of the larger button.

6) With the first button on the ribbon, pull to the other end being sure to leave a couple of inches to work with for tying. After each addition of a button, pull it tightly to the other buttons. It seems to work best if you can pull buttons as closely together to kind of stack alternately on each other.

7) Once you have enough buttons on the ribbon, tie the ribbon ends tightly near the buttons in a double knot and cut off any excess ribbon. Last, place the bracelet onto your child’s wrist for all to see and for your child to remember. Depending on your child’s age, you could even do this inexpensive activity at their next birthday party.


Check out for a one minute video demonstration.

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