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Dad dad dad dad

Pyper for the last couple of months has been showing signs of talking, like dada and last couple of days out of the blue has said mum, which we just think is great. Now trying to find out when children talk is a tough one, i have spoken to lots of mothers and fathers about it and it comes down to the child, I know of a 2 year old who doesn’t say a word, now this doesn’t mean that they a disability or anything it’s just about when they want to start communicating.

The last few months we have been teaching her baby sign language which to be fair we could be a lot more consistent but we are doing our best, I would have thought she would have picked up a few of the little signs or even more of the words. But she is sticking to the stuff she knows, da da da and things which don’t make sense to us but to her they do. I actually love it when she starts talking like this its sooo cute, well to me anyway!!

We keep wondering when she will say bigger words etc and really make a consistent amount on the words she knows but to her she doesn’t need to and we don’t want to push her either – just in her own time.

We are now encouraging her to speak more so that we can hear her lovely little speech, and I tickle her on her stomach with my nose of which she loves and laughes lots – we then wonder what her voice will sound like also. And with using SKYPE to her grandparents you would think she might just decide that enough is enough and start to talk but she is happy with grunting when she cant get her own way, sounds like a lot of adults I know also!

- Scott

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