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Date with your dad

I have three children two of which are daughters, one 14 and the other 12. Recently I have been spending more time with my son now 13 helping him with his jobs in the neighbourhood mowing lawns, which by the way he is doing very well with. It dawned on me to make time for my girls, a one-on-one arrangement just one of my girls and me.

So when I took my youngest and her friend to a movie because her Birthday is coming up and I will be overseas, I asked her would she like to go out on a date with her old man.
“What!?” She said, “Would you like to go out on a date with your old man?” I repeated, “What do you mean?” came the reply, “would you like to hang out with me, just you and me?” I said, “ohhhh… yeah ok, just don’t call it a date” my 12 year old daughter replied.

What does a date mean to my little girl? Is she not my little girl anymore?
She is only 12 for crying out loud… OH!… I have a 14 year old daughter too, do I have to face that they maybe dating boys soon, if not already?!?!
My insides start to get that twisted feeling inside, what sort of father am I going to be? Will I be an easy going father, having a laugh with each prospect? Or will I be a drill sergeant, arms crossed, stern look as I inspect each prospect with distaste? Will my daughters even introduce me to their dates, or will they hide them from me?
I would hate it if my children (son included) hid things from me, for fear of how I would react to a date for example.

Would my girls think I would behave like these guys
Warning course language and very funny

But seriously, how does a father prepare himself for his children’s first, second, third… date?

- Eric

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