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Girls first haircut

Pypers mother (Renee) is a hairdresser with the hair salon at the bottom level of house, and Pyper is a frequent user of the dust pan and brush using it to pick up hair.

For more than 18 months Renee had been waiting for Pypers hair to grow so that she could give it her first haircut , Pyper has my fine hair – so its taken a lot longer than expected for her to grow it.

2 weeks ago Renee finally said that ok im going to give her the first trim – OMG this should have been a ceremony with some digntries invited at least, but there wasnt it was just her grandmother, her mother and I.

She sat perfectly and didnt even flinch, she was very well behaved and believe you me I have seen and heard some real little screamers.

In a flash it was over – a few snips here and there and it was done. Hmm luckily we didnt have speaches ready or anything….

So how do you get your child to have a great experience with the hairdresser:

1. Establish if your hair dresser does do child haircuts – some dont like cutting childrens hair, because they move and accidents with scissors and ears are not a good look.
2. If you also frequent the same hair dresser which is preferable then take your toddler along for 2- 3 times to get them use to the environment before you actually have any hair cut off, it can be very traumatic for some little ones.
3. Make sure they sit on your lap dont just put them on the chair they will be scared!
4. If the hairdresser doesnt have a toy or something to focus on then make sure to bring something.
5. Make sure they have their favourite doll or toy but make sure that hair stays off it as much as possible.

Good luck

- Scott

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