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Gonna be like Dad

There was a song on the radio the other day that just cracked me right between the eyes!

I’m sure you know it, Cat’s in the Cradle … goes like this …

My child arrived just the other day … He came to the world in the usual way
But there were planes to catch and bills to pay … He learned to walk while I was away
And he was talkin’ ‘fore I knew it, and as he grew …
He’d say “I’m gonna be like you dad … You know I’m gonna be like you”

And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon … Little boy blue and the man on the moon
When you comin’ home dad?
I don’t know when, but we’ll get together then son … (You know we’ll have a good time then)

My son turned ten just the other day … He said, “Thanks for the ball, Dad, come on let’s play
(Can you teach me to throw)”, I said “Not today …I got a lot to do”,
(he said, “That’s ok” )

And he walked away but his smile never dimmed …

And he said, “I’m gonna be like him, yeah You know I’m gonna be like him”

I’ve long since retired, my son’s moved away … I called him up just the other day
I said, “I’d like to see you if you don’t mind” … He said, “I’d love to, Dad, if I can find the time

You see my new job’s a hassle and kids have the flu … But it’s sure nice talking to you, Dad
It’s been sure nice talking to you”

And as I hung up the phone it occurred to me… He’d grown up just like me … My boy was just like me.

I’m Tim Sisarich

focusonfamily Gonna be like DadTim Sisarich, Executive Director Focus on the Family NZ as heard on Scrubcutters , Newstalk ZB

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