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How to encourage learning after problem situations

When there are problem situations at home, there are ways you can have learning occur, as opposed to shame. “Track” the problems by asking these kinds of
question mark How to encourage learning after problem situationsquestions:
“What happened?”
“Where were you?”
“What did you do?”
“What did others do?”
“How did you feel?”
“How do you think you handled it?”
“How upset were you?”
“How could you have handled it differently?”
“What will prevent this kind of thing in the future?”

This line of reasoning will serve to help you discover the total picture before proceeding, and it will give your child a chance to improve their ability to process these kinds of situations. Or, you could just yell at them! But kids don’t learn or benefit from punishment or shame.

Their best chance to learn is from you keeping your cool and asking the right questions. The choice is yours.


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