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I am now looking closer

Calvin teenager I am now looking closerThere are many things I now look closer at; the face in the mirror I watch the increasing number of grey hairs as well as the steady weight gain, it is clear I am not as active as I used to be, raving at night clubs are a smokey-bleary-eyed distant memory, I think my ears may finally be recovering.

I keep a close eye on my role as a manager and my “Why!” generation team! Why oh why did they have to be “Y” generation staff??? They want the latest technology!… hold on that only last months now a days! They want this and that; I’m convinced they want for the sake of wanting.

I keep a close eye on my finances, as a sole income earner, going out for a night on the town paying for rounds of drinks are an absolute “Are you nuts? How much for that beer?!?!?” and besides I don’t have the energy for it anymore. Oh and not to mention ONE BIG FAT MORTGAGE!!!

But now I kind I am looking at my teens closer, I’m looking at how they dress as if it would give me a clue what sort of person they are and will become, at the moment it is all looking safe, track pants and t-shirts are the norm here, nothing too out of the ordinary… or is it?
How about how they carry themselves, tall and proud with a straight back and shoulders back, walk with a clear stride with feet clearing the ground??? Not quite I think I have seen a movie about a guy in a bell tower that had a similar posture…
What does it mean? Does my eldest daughter feel too tall? Maybe not comfortable in her own body??? Do I need to consider some form of military training for them, or an osteopath?
The way they talk and interact with others and myself, at the moment it is clear and polite with a good level of easy humour.
I am interested in the way they look after themselves, hair, face, body and clothes, I study the developing spots they are getting, and the state of their hair, and I believe that even dread-locks can look clean(ish) so there is no excuse for well kept hair.
(guess what daddy has for Christmas this year?)

There is so much more about my teenagers I am observing now, part of me wants to help guide them through the teenage years by coaching and offering advice when needed (none asked so far, plenty given)
Another part of me wants to watch out for signs of trouble, however how do I know what that looks like now adays???
And another part of me wants to let them be what ever way they want to be.

Love them all just the same, wether they like it or not they will always be my babies

Happy birthday Amber for last Sunday, my special 3rd teenager, I love you lots and you make me proud, and yes I am watching closely

- Eric

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