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Pyper just makes me laugh

I have days that I feel like i could just stay in bed but with a little one two words come to mind – “good” and “luck”! So when I get home no matter what she is doing I will make sure I go and play with her, unless she is sleeping or eating. Like most little ones she loves to play with her food but I’m not allowed to play too much with her at this time as we seem to both get loud and get in trouble.

So once she has finished I make she gets down on the ground and then I will call her down the hall way and we will play “racing” and what racing is, is I will throw one of her toys 10 M in front of her and then will start crawling next to her as if it was a race and she absolutely loves the challenge, she races with me as we are both crawling flat out, and she has her little head down and snorting like a “little piggy”, I’m smiling just thinking of it as I write. Funnily enough she always seems to win and then we turn around and do it on the way back.

The other way I have of either making her laugh and therefore also myself in the process is I carry her like she is in a cradle and then get my nose and tickle her belly she loves it and always laughs and makes the cutest sounds.

Let me know how you make your child laugh or they make you laugh!

- Scott

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