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Scott’s Weekly Product review – Stuck on YOU

 Scott’s Weekly Product review   Stuck on YOUI’m “stuck on you” – you heard correctly stuck on you, it’s a great children’s labelling system.

Have you had problems with daycare and school and loosing things or people saying that things are theirs and you know bloody well they are aren’t? Well then “stuck on you” is for YOU!!

We had heard about it through our local daycare centre and after a day of losing a couple of Pypers items of clothing decided that we would get it straight away..

• Sticks to all types of surfaces – clothes, drink bottles, formula bottles, shoes, bags you name it
• Great value for money with lots of options that don’t cost a bomb!
• Easy to stick on and stays on to the different types of surfaces
• Lots of varities of names and icons that can be put onto each sticker
• Comes in different colours

• Not sure how long they will last on the clothes – I wouldn’t expect indefinitely
• Only know of 1 other person whom has used it

Things for children are always getting lost, misplaced and STOLEN so therefore why don’t you give this a try, it’s simple and cost effective

8/10 bloody fantastic at this stage anyway

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