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Some statistics for fathers to think about

 Some statistics for fathers to think about53% of couples don’t know the best time of the month to conceive (it’s one or two days before ovulation)
Source Clearblue Fertility Monitor

33% of dads took more than two weeks paternity leave in 2005
Source Office for National Statistics UK

59% of parents say their kids behaviour in the car ruins their concentration when driving
Source Kia Motors

31% of parents think their pre-schooler would like to be a performer when they grow up.
Source lunar Jim C Beebies programme

5 hours and 41 minutes a day is the average time new mums spend staring at their baby
Source Babies R Us

59% of parents have been given baby gifts by strangers
Source Toys R Us

45% of babies say “daddy” first while 35% say mummy first perhaps because they hear women saying “daddy” more often
Source Pampers

44 million toys are thrown away in the UK every year
Source Online Trading Site

74% of parents fix it so their child wins a prize at their birthday party
Source Children’s Game Maker

One Response to Some statistics for fathers to think about

  1. Polina says:

    I would like to know WHERE are all these strangers who make gifts to ~60% of infants and where are the 44 millions of toys lost yearly? I need to know the place:)

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