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Toddlers helping out in the kitchen

toddlers kitchen Toddlers helping out in the kitchenPyper and I usually do our grocery shopping together. The other day we got home a little later than usual and when it was time to put the groceries away I thought “ why not let her put some of the food away! The idea was to save time and keep her close by … and it worked a treat. We had meat, vegetables, fruit and dry goods plus we also had some sundry items.

So I would just say “put in the fridge”, “put in the cupboard” or “take to mummies room”, and she loved helping and felt like she was part of making things happen.

I figured, little children/toddlers love to be included and unless the items are too heavy or dangerous to handle, why not! It’s a great way to make sure they contribute to doing things around the house from an early age. Obviously it helps if you ask them to put things in easy places – bench, cupboard, etc.

These days I look forward to the weekly shop even more because my little girl can help me put away all the things we bought when we’re back in the house.


2 Responses to Toddlers helping out in the kitchen

  1. ross says:

    HI there great site
    we have libby shes 17mths old
    loves to help me with tools and with puting clothes away ….
    i can see i will have to hide my socket set and hand tools when shes older or my car may be in bits

  2. stefan says:

    Hey Ross – good on ya! Get her started on the DIY stuff early :-)


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