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Violence against children – part 2

So now that we know why the violence is happening we need to do something about it to stop it and here are some ways to do so:

The six primary prevention approaches to reducing child maltreatment have been identified:

• Establish a positive view of children: valuing them in their own right rather than primarily for the manner in which they meet the needs of others, respecting them as individual human beings with rights to protection and gradually increasing levels of autonomy, and understanding that they are exploring and contributing to their social worlds
• Change attitudes and beliefs about physical punishment
• Reduce adult partner violence and educate about the impact of adult partner violence on children
• Address adult alcohol and substance abuse
• Create accessible and responsive support systems that parents can easily engage with
• Provide parent education and child management skills to all parents.

Don’t let violence against children, animals, partner or yourself occur no matter what, there is no excuse!!

Source Children First Organisation

- Scott

One Response to Violence against children – part 2

  1. goodparenting says:

    hi, i think in society which has all the power prefers to focus on child violence because they can blame the problems on a different culture, in this case a generation gap.

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