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We all have routines so why not a baby?

Pyper has been in a routine for the last few weeks, and from what we have seen, it does pay dividends. We make sure that it does two things; alleviate the pressure off us so that we don’t wait around for her to wake up, feed, burp and play with her and it also allows her to get into a habit of knowing when she has to be awake and when she has to be asleep.

I can then plan my chores, meetings and anything else around that, if I am leaving the house I will put her in her capsule and then take her out in it, or if I have some household chores to do then I will simply wait until she is asleep which can look anything like this:

Approx. 6am wake up, feed and then play

Approx. 8am put back to sleep

Approx. 10.30am wake up, feed and then play

Approx.12.30 pm put back to sleep

I think you get the gist of this!! We as a couple have found this very beneficial and got the information from a book aptly named “Save our Sleep” by Tizzie Hall. I recommend it and I have only read the routines and schedules in it.

Besides being in hospital for a few weeks of her 9 week old existence Pyper has been very adaptable, we have found her to let us know when she is looking to fall asleep, and we watch the time very closely to make sure we put her back down on schedule, when we have gone outside the usual times then we do end up with a very grizzly and grumpy little girl.

Pyper is now just starting to sleep through the night, from 10.30pm until around 6-6.30am. Which means she is still taking the same amount of formula but has decided that she will now sleep for longer an extra 1-2 hours! We are thankful that we have managed to get a little baby to sleep and she is only 9 weeks old. I have been told that many kids don’t start sleeping through the night until they are on solid foods.

I was under the illusion that babies and sleep go hand and hand, well they don’t, so not only do we have 2 stressed out parents but what we also have is a stressed out relationship. 50% of relationships break down in the first year due to the stress that is now placed on it with new babies and also the changes that go on for both “parties”.

My wife and I work strange hours and have spent our down time looking after and being with Pyper so there isn’t much time for “us” time, our families live out of town and so we have devoted our time to Pyper. It can be hard to juggle work, life, baby and a relationship but people can and so we do very small things together like going for a walk or going out with Pyper. We could be a lot better and so have only really thought about doing things for ourselves.

Always make sure that you put your relationship at forefront of anything that you do!


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