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Another baby monitor for iOS devices

bestbabymonitor Another baby monitor for iOS devicesLooks like smartphones are the new baby monitors – there are a number of super popular apps on pretty much all smartphone platforms that allow parents to use their phones as baby monitors. No surprises there … we all carry around smartphones these days so why not make use of them as baby monitors when we’re away from home (or even when at home). I’ve recently come across a very popular one called “Best Baby Monitor” (voted top 3 in parenting apps by which is really easy to use and has a few features I haven’t seen anywhere else. So I thought it was worth a giving it a quick DIYFather app-titude test.

The “Best Baby Monitor” app takes two iOS devices and turns them into a video baby monitor. Leave one device with the baby and let it capture live audio and video that gets sent to the other device. Both devices use a shared WiFi network to transmit audio and video. Even better when you are in a place without WiFi (your parents place, a hotel in Belgium … just kidding), the app will use Bluetooth (available and enabled by default on all iOS devices) to make the connection. The app comes with all the usual features you can expect from a baby monitor, such as lullabies, night vision and call alerts. Nice, but the killer features is the “talk to baby” mode which allows you to talk to your baby and say a few soothing words via the 2nd iPhone/iPad. Very cool! Overall a thumbs up from the DIYFather team and at $3.99 the Best Baby Monitor app is pretty much a no brainer for iOS enabled parents who travel a lot. Check out for more information.



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  1. Arun Rama says:

    My wife and I are getting ready for our XMAS trip and we were trying to figure out what the best way is to get around packing a baby monitor. It looks like this could work.

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