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April Fools Day: practical jokes to play on your kids

april fools day April Fools Day: practical jokes to play on your kidsOK it’s time to get ready for April Fools Day so we thought let’s put together a useful list of pranks you can play on your kids and partner.

Babies and Toddlers: well given that the irony of April Fools Day may be a bit lost on babies and toddlers you can just have a good old laugh with them. E.g. paint your face, user finger puppets or put a nappy on your head (a fresh one!!!)
Preschoolers: Find a piece of old / scrap cloth. Place your victim’s favourite toy or other item of interest on the floor and stay nearby. When the victim comes along and bends down to pick up the toy, rip the cloth … yell out that your little one as just ripped their trousers.
Primary school children: Add a few drops of food coloring into a milk carton for a nice surprise at breakfast! If you have sleepy kids you can also get up a bit earlier and draw something on their face while they are still asleep.
Preteens: Hide in a wardrobe or closet in their room when they get home and give them a good old fright
Teens: change the language setting on their mobile to some random language (make sure you know how to change it back … otherwise the relationship with your teen might deteriorate quickly).

A prank you can play on your pregnant wife is to tell her that you will need to be overseas for work when the baby is due. Probably a good idea to declare it as an April Fools prank within 5 seconds to avoid any serious domestic repercussions.
Another good one for your partner is to “fake nail” a fridge magnet to the fridge. Find a small photo or sonar baby scan that you’d typically hang up on the fridge. Use wire cutters to cut off the head of a nail and glue the nail head to the item you’re going to hang. Find a flat magnet and glue it to the back of the photo. Wait until the glue is dry and until your partner is in a room close by to the kitchen (but not IN the kitchen). Put the photo on the fridge (i.e. using the magnet at the back), take a hammer loud hammering noises. No doubt your partner will come into the kitchen to investigate and “catch” you nailing a picture to the refrigerator.


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