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Breastfeeding for dads

breastfeeding dads Breastfeeding for dadsGuys – ever wondered what it was like to breastfeed a baby? Well – if your partner had a cesarean and is still recovering from a GA you might be asked to “breastfeed” your baby. Basically your baby will be placed on your tummy with the head up on your chest (in the same way they would place the baby on a mum’s chest). In most cases the baby will try to find a nipple and start sucking. Talk about man-boobs, eh!

There was an article in El Pais recently that had a story about a dad who had to do this. Very cool I thought … but it is actually a common practice in hospitals in many countries (except China where it is not done). The technique was originally invented in Colombia in 1979 but became widely accepted as a helpful practice in the 90s.

“Kangaroo Dad”
The technique also referred to as “Skin on Skin” or “Kangaroo Dad” method has been found to have a number of benefits for the newborn, such as:

• Babies feel the heat of a human body (which they are used to)
• Help newborn babies regulate their body temperature
• Babies tend to cry less
• Support of the baby’s sucking reflex
• Better latching afterwards when they are on their mum’s breast

There is of course the general benefit of skin on skin contact with a human being right after birth (which is well documented) but this technique also provides a fantastic bonding opportunity for dads. When I read about this technique I wondered whether the baby would get confused between mum and dad, but there is no evidence that I could find to suggest that it had any negative impacts on the baby or their ability to feed.

So there you go – your chance to see what breastfeeding feels like … perhaps worthwhile giving a go whether or not you are asked to do it. Let us know if you happen to be a Kangaroo Dad!



5 Responses to Breastfeeding for dads

  1. Jillian B. says:

    I’m quite pleased to read this article. Kangaroo dads is a great idea (applied reasonably). Many moms (some close friends of mine) have been devastated because their breastfeeding relationship was damaged by a rough start. C-sections and some prenatal conditions may lead to babies and moms being separated in the critical first hours when they are acclimating to the world and receptive to the breast. Kangaroo dads could be the buffer between these issues and breastfeeding. Additionally, couples in special circumstances (like gay dads, couple who work opposite shifts, etc) might benefit from having the father begin nursing and lactating. If we could get past our aversion to anything foreign or strange in our culture, it might be extremely beneficial for a lot of families. Nice article.

  2. anonymous says:


  3. stefan says:

    An erection … from having a newborn baby suck at your nipple??? You have got to be kidding …


  4. anonymous says:

    Women can be aroused by breastfeeding, its a natural reaction. It doesn’t mean they’re going to molest they’re babies, the same goes for men. I think its something that can benefit both the father and the baby as a form of bonding. Not as an all the time thing but occasionally yes, I don’t see it as a bad thing at all especially with a new born.

  5. Jillian B. says:

    I’m more disgusted by this judgmental, ignorant, completely pointless comment. “Most guys” get erections as a result of normal biological and psychological functions. Furthermore, these erections are simply additional blood flow to the penis and do not automatically equate to anything sexual or inappropriate. If you’re opposed to something, the least you could do is come up with a more creative and intelligent response than “ew, gross.”

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