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Calling all iPhone dads – great apps for your kids

iphone apps for kids Calling all iPhone dads   great apps for your kidsApple’s revolutionary iPhone has changed the smart phone space in a matter of months after its launch. It is now “THE PHONE” for business and personal use all other manufacturers are trying to beat. But did you know that it can also be used as toy? The iPhone is equipped with motion detectors which means it can respond interactively when children flip it over, shake it or move it about.

We asked gadget & web freak Mr K to write up a post about how he & his 14 month old daughter make use of the iPhone for some great father- daughter time. E.g. the iPhone application “dice” displays some virtual dice that roll around the screen and collide with each other – hours of fun and amazing to watch! Mr K runs and he finds that the iPhone is also a great resource for new Dads. With an insanely easy interface the iPhone is simple for everyone, there are literally 100s of free applications that dad can install to keep his offspring entertained, and the camera and photo library make it easy to take / flick through photos and have a laugh.

Go the iPhone
-Mr K

10 Responses to Calling all iPhone dads – great apps for your kids

  1. techno dad says:

    I convinced my wife that I should get an iPhone because I would be able to entertain our son in restaurants. He is 3 yrs old and his favorite apps are Henry and Hailey’s Kids ABC, Bolt, lightsaber because you are never too young to be a jedi. Set some ground rules with lightsaber or else they want to wave it right out their hands. I make our son sit down when he plays with the iPhone.

  2. stefan says:

    More apps for dads – check out Part 2 of the article over at


  3. Robert says:

    I regularly let my kids play with my iPhone. It is a routine of sorts when they run in to our bedroom in the morning and see it sitting on the nightstand.

    My 3 year old is remarkably adept at using the phone; picking it up, swiping to unlock, swiping through multiple screens to get to favorite apps like Topple, Koi Pond and Barnyard Buddies.

    This was learned rather quickly with minimal guidance. Quite a testament to the device’s ease of use I thought.

    All of my kids are very gentle with the iPhone as I made a point of letting them know that it is both valuable and fragile.

  4. stefan says:

    Hey Robert – amazing isn’t it. Our 22-month old just worked out how to play youtube videos (on my laptop) … he actually moves the mouse pointer to the little preview clips down the side and then double clicks on the video he wants to see.

    I also just posted another article about the iPhone being used as a baby monitor. The application areas for iPhone and kids never end :-)


  5. Jeffrey says:

    My daughter love the iPhone so much I signed up for a developer account and start writing apps for her :) I’m such a geek, check it out, a great matching game with frogs and sounds:

  6. Cymbal says:

    My kids love it too. My daughter (8 yrs) actually wanted to make her own games aswell. She gave the idea and original idea, I just did some programming… It’s a speed game where you try to eat a leaf by tapping the screen.

    Now she wants to do a hairdressing game – I guess this is one way road for me :)

  7. stefan says:

    Thanks Cymbal and Jeffrey – great to see some iPhone Apps creativity out there that originated from children’s ideas!


  8. stefan says:

    Love the idea of a baby translator! :-) Man I could really do with one of those right now!


  9. anonymous says:

    You should check out the Baby Translator for iphone/ipod touch for those Dad’s that are a bit baby challenged. It helps converts baby talk to English, well it’s good for a laugh anyway, and dads love that!

    iPhone Baby Translator

  10. I’m a dad of a two-year-old boy, and wanted to make something nice for him, so I studied iPhone coding and created an app for him. Now it’s on the App Store too! See

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