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First-aid kits for babies: What should you include?

Guest post by Bobby Dewhurst

If you’re expecting the pitter-patter of tiny feet or simply want to improve the health and safety of your family home, a fully stocked first aid kit could be just what you need. The right supplies will help you administer urgent care, so what should you buy to protect your little ones?

A thermometer
New babies are not very good at regulating their body temperature. That’s why it’s essential to have a thermometer lying around. It will help you check the warmth of their sleeping environment and will ensure they’re not running a fever. If they are, you can act quickly and get the necessary help before the problem escalates.

According to the NHS Choices website, both paracetamol and ibuprofen are safe to use in childhood. They can relieve pain and bring down fevers, but always speak to your GP before administering any type of medication – just to be safe. Avoid using aspirin and always give your child the correct dosage to avoid making their illness worse.

Calamine lotion
If you’ve got little ones, you’ll know that chicken pox is common during infancy. It can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable (particularly for young babies), so keep a bottle of calamine lotion to hand. This provides instant relief to sore, irritated skin and can even sooth sunburn and rashes making it an all-round useful product.

Plasters and bandages
Kids love to run around and play, but this can lead to a nasty cut or two. Luckily there are a wide range of child-friendly plasters designed to save the day, so get hold of some bandages that feature their favourite film and TV characters to cheer them up. While you’re at it, invest in some antiseptic cream of spray to help clean the cut and throw in a few wipes for good measure.

A first-aid manual
First aid supplies are a must-have for any family, but a first-aid manual is just as useful. It will tell you how and when to use certain products and provide you with useful information to refer to. If your child’s burning up or has received a nasty injury it can be easy to panic, but a bit of advice could put your mind at ease.

The health and safety of your loved ones is of paramount importance, so head to the shops today and buy everything you need. Plasters, antiseptic wipes and painkillers could all save the day and they’re available at an affordable price!

By Bobby Dewhurst

Does my baby look big in this? What your stroller says about you

Let’s assume for a moment that as fathers we have the ultimate say in what kind of buggy gets bought for our baby (or let’s assume that we are all masters in the art of influencing our partners in such a way that they think they got what they wanted). The result is … we’ve got a new stroller for the baby. But what does that stroller say about our personality? So here is the ultimate DIYFather take on stroller personality types for fathers:

buggies mb Does my baby look big in this? What your stroller says about you Mountain Buggy Terrain XL
You are obsessed with the outdors. Mountains, beaches and mud holes are in your blood and you live every moment to escape the city. This tractor of a stroller is not for your kid, but rather for the kid in you. You are constantly tempted to sit in the stroller yourself and ride down a steep mountain ridge. You are a mountain goat.
buggies qb Does my baby look big in this? What your stroller says about you Quinny Buzz Stroller
You appreciate the finer things in life and only bought this hideous buggy to show off. You drive a BMW M-series and take your kids to the golf club. Only the coolest restaurants in town will do for you. Form over function is your mantra and you don’t believe in practicality. Easy-to-use strollers are bought by people who can’t afford the ones they really want. You work in sales.
buggies pt Does my baby look big in this? What your stroller says about you Phil and Teds Sport Buggy Stroller
You know the test results of all 311 buggies and strollers on this planet and you bought the one that come out on top using your 95-point evaluation matrix. Ubiqity, endurance, comfort and clever features spin your wheels when buying things. You are a parenting geek.
buggies bj Does my baby look big in this? What your stroller says about you Baby Jogger City
Your modus operandi is to avoid any hassle when doing anything with the kids. You don’t really care about anything much and live for the moment. Organisation, rationality and logic are alien concepts for you but you love listening to Eric Clapton. You are lazy and you don’t have a car. You are a dreamer.
buggies mt Does my baby look big in this? What your stroller says about you Maclaren Techno XLR
You pride yourself on finding the diamond in the rough – although on this occasion you failed and ended up with a lemon. You appreciate things with substance and acquire objects that define you. What a bummer you were drunk the day you bought this buggy. You are a loser.

So which one are you?


Dads and start-ups: Building successful online start-ups

successful online startups for dummies Dads and start ups: Building successful online start ups
Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies

By DIYFather co-founder Stefan Korn
The how-to guide to starting, funding, running, and exiting a successful online business in less than three months.

Buy as an E-Book from:

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Successful Online Startups for Dummies is also available as a paperback from the following retailers: BooktopiaBookworldCollins Nile AUWiley

About the Book
Getting a thriving online enterprise up and running takes more than just a good idea. It involves building a website, developing it into a viable business, maintaining cash flow, hiring staff, and much more. The task can seem daunting, but Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies is here to help, showing prospective entrepreneurs how to develop a sound business plan, set up a proper company structure, and attract investment/funding in less than three months.

Many entrepreneurs have a great idea and the technical know-how to get a website up and running, but forget that it’s a business that requires capital, management and continual growth. Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies teaches new start-ups how to get “investment ready” and attract the right backers in a very competitive market, giving readers the specific know-how to keep their business running—or how to turn it over quickly and profitably so they can move onto their next start-up or retire.

  • Gives budding entrepreneurs everything they need to build and sell a profitable online business
  • Topics covered include “bootstrapping,” common mistakes and missed opportunities at every step of the start-up business cycle, achieving rapid but sustainable growth, attracting the attention of investors and mentors, market validation, and much more
  • Includes content specially tailored for readers in Australia and New Zealand, including details on all the major incubator events and start-up workshops in both countries

A great idea isn’t enough to achieve real business success, making Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies the potential difference between personal financial disaster and a comfortable early retirement.

Dad-friendly underpants skid mark classification system

 Dad friendly underpants skid mark classification system

I wish we could say that this chart was only for parents doing mountains of their children’s or teen’s laundry, but let’s face it … this chart is for everyone. Young and old, male or female. Accidents happen. Not just to little kids. As we know “sh*t” actually does happen and not only to the fashion conscious playboys with tighty-whities after a severe wedgy and to folk that prefer g-strings. Even parachute-pant-style boxers or lazy Sunday jammies aren’t 100% safe from skid marks. So we all need a bit of help with this unsightful dilemma. The ultimate question being – wash or toss?

What the world needs a is classification system for skid marks – and here it is! Now, with this handy instructional diagram, we hope people doing a skid mark evaluation can spend less time turning a pair of soiled underwear around in their hands and come to a swift, decisive conclusion. We also hope to prevent them from being over-optimistic and making the wrong decision, thereby contaminating an entire wash-load of clothes.

By Andy Herald
Courtesy of

Interview with the world’s fastest dad – Kevin Harvick

The team at is following racing dad Kevin Harvick on his final races in the 2012 NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup series. As the 2009 Daytona 500 winner Kevin has already proven his racing skills but are his dad skills up to scratch? Here’s what he had to say when we put him to the (“Father”) test:

DIYFather: OK Kevin – how much are a box of diapers?
Kevin: They’re about anywhere from about $23-$26 and my son goes through about 15 to 17 diapers a day!

DIYFather: Who is Braxton Hicks?
Kevin: Some of the moments my wife went through – those are labor pains right?

DIYFather: When do you start feeding solids to your baby?
Kevin: From month four onwards.

DIYFather: What’s better breastfeeding or formula feeding
Kevin: Well you want the breastfeeding in the beginning to take advantage of the collostrum and then after that as long as you’re producing enough milk probably keep breastfeeding. But for us my wife didn’t have enough milk so we started formula feeding which for me as a dad was better because I got to spend more time with Keelan feeding him.
Commment from DIYFather: General dad wisdom has it that the best answer to this question is “I don’t know” or “ohh – is that the time … I gotta go”. In other words … don’t even get involved in the debate. However we think Kevin did pretty well on this one!

Kevin passed the father test with flying colors so we asked a few more question about racing and being a dad.

DIYFather: D you think you’re potentially the fastest dad on the planet?
Kevin: I think I have the potential to be the fastest dad on the planet just for the fact that I think I’m pretty good at changing diapers. I don’t think it has anything to do with the racetrack when it comes to being a dad because I know my son (Keelan, three-months-old) could care less how fast I go on the track. He’s more worried about how fast I can change his diaper because it makes him a lot more comfortable.

DIYFather: If you were to compare changing a nappy to a pit stop, what’s your average diaper-change time?
Kevin: I think the nappies are definitely something that, as a dad, you learn pretty quick. If you don’t change the diapers fast enough, you wind up getting pee-ed on. It’s something you learn to be pretty quick at.

DIYFather: (for our preschooler audience) – what’s your favourite dinosaur?
Kevin: I think everyone’s favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex, right? I mean he’s even got a nickname.

DIYFather: What’s the equivalent to a colicky baby in the racing world
Kevin: Hmm a colicky baby on the race track … I think the equivalent would probably be a rain delayed race. You wind up not really knowing exactly when you get to sleep because you don’t know when it’s gonna stop raining. Kind of like our Daytona race this year. It rained for 3 days and we ended up racing on a Monday or Tuesday I think. You don’t want to go to sleep but you’re tired and having a colicky baby is a bit like that. Our little son didn’t sleep well for the first month and you end up feeling like a zombie. I don’t recall ever being that tired but definitely rain delays are a bit like that – you don’t know when they are going to end or start.

DIYFather: Most helpful racing skills while your wife was giving birth?
Kevin: I’ve learnt to keep my mouth shot – so probably keeping my mouth shut was the most helpful skill. I knew that I just needed to give her a little bit of space and not crack any jokes or make any smart comments while she was giving birth. I just tried to give her the best support I could and give her a bit of space so I don’t end up getting smacked in the mouth.
Commment from DIYFather: wise words for any dad from Kevin … keep your mouth shut during labor!

Go Kevin!

By Stefan

cruel or funny?

You be the judge … the video clip is actually quite old so we thought we’d bring it round again to see how dads (and moms) feel about it now. So are you going to show it to the kids?

How do you keep a young active mind stimulated?

keepanactivemind How do you keep a young active mind stimulated?Keeping our little baby girl’s active mind stimulated has always been a concern for me. I want to avoid her getting frustrated and want to ensure she keeps learning etc. Whist numbers and colors where initially great this little lady is growing very fast and learns lots of different things all the time. Her mind is a sponge and we are the water.

So I asked a friend who is an Early Childcare Educator to find out whether we should be doing more with her. She gave me an interesting photocopied read from R Hargreaves (2000) called “Growing Up” which documents development indicators that you can use to gauge where your baby / child is at. See below – I found it very useful for us as parents – just to know where our little girl is at.

- Scott

By 3 Months
Social Skills

* Smiles in response to other
* Holds eye contact with other
* Recognises parents voices


* Stops crying when picked up, or attended to
* Seeks out where sound is coming from turns towards voice
* Stops crying when picked up or attended to


* Makes cooing sounds to person when spoken
* Gurgles, coos, grunts and hums to express feelings


* Attends to brightly coloured moving objects
* Follows movements
* Watches own hands closely and begins to touch own clothes and hair

Motor Skills

* Kicks vigorously
* Brings hands together in the middle
* Reaches and bats hanging objects

By 6 Months

Social Skills

* Happy to be held by unknown adults
* Raises hands to be picked up when adult arms extended
* Recognises familiar faces


* Turns head to look for sound
* Interprets the difference between pleasure and anger by smiling and crying
* Smiles on sight of face
* Responds to own name
* Shows displeasure when objects are removed


* Explores objects with mouth
* Explores own hands
* Fascinated by own image in the mirror
* Reaches for toys out of reach
* Bangs and shakes objects

Motor Skills

* Head control secure
* Attempts to crawl
* Take weight on legs with held in standing position
* Visual skills at adult level

By 9 Months

Social Skills

* Differentiates between familiar persons and unfamiliar
* Becomes shy of unfamiliar


* Understands NO
* Understands simple gestures e.g. waving
* Gives objects on request


* Cries when parents leave the room
* Gains attention by shouting
* Indicates NO


* Reaches and grasps for objects
* Becomes aware of consequences and so will repeat actions
* Plays peek a boo type games

Motor Skills

* Plays with feet
* Places objects where wants it to be

By 12 Months

Social Skills

* Expresses verbally and non verbally
* Listens understands and follows simple requests
* Recognises familiar faces


* Responds immediately to own name
* Points to objects when asked
* Finds another object of the same
* Understands cause and effect


* Enjoys simple songs
* Still mouths objects
* Begins to scribble
* Shows enjoyment of music
* Still mouths objects

Motor Skills

* Stands on his/her own
* Continues to crawl
* Walks with hands held
* Holds small objects
* Bangs objects together

I saved $1,923.89 using cloth diapers

nappystack I saved $1,923.89 using cloth diapers One of the reasons we use cloth diapers is to save money. I’ve been curious to know just how money we have saved over the first two years of life with our little one. So I crunched the numbers … obviously this is somewhat subjective and depends on the exact prices of the nappies (over a 2 year period) but the financial comparison is still quite useful I think!

Cloth Diaper Costs

  • Indian Cotton Prefolds (infant size) – $2.25 x 20 = $45
  • Chinese Cotton Prefolds (premium size) – $2.75 x 20 = $55
  • Proraps Classic (small) – $8.95 x 4 = $35.80
  • Proraps Classic (medium) – $8.95 x 4 = $35.80
  • Bummis Super Whisper Wrap – $12.25 x 4 = $49
  • Bum Genius 2.0 – $17.95 x 4 = $71.80
  • Fuzzi Bunz – $19.95
  • Kissaluvs Fitted – $11.50
  • Thirsties Hemp Insert – $5.00
  • Snappi Diaper Fastener – $2.99
  • Kushies Diaper Liners – $8.99 x 2 = $17.98
  • Bummis Tote Bag – $6.99

Water* – $12.50

Total $369.31

Disposable Diaper Costs
7 disposable diapers x 364 days = 2,548 diapers x $.045 each = $1146.60 a year.

Total: $2293,20

The total disposable diaper costs ($2293.20) minus the cloth diaper costs ($369.31) comes to a total of $1,923.89 in savings in the past two years. Pretty cool huh?

1. Here’s how I calculated how much water we use to wash our cloth diapers:

1 liter of water = 0,00173€
1 wash cycle (19 liters) = 0,03€
5 wash cycles a month = 0,16€
24 months = 7,90€ or $12.50

Posted with permission from Spain Dad

If Usher made baby car seats

recaro If Usher made baby car seatsIf Usher made baby car seats … get the Recaro Young Sport Car Seat and turn heads in the childcare center car park! In other words “Pimp My Child’s Safety” – a product review of the Recaro Young Sport Car Seat (approx. $200).

The Recaro Young Sport Car Seat is plush. Rrreeeaaallll plush. If R Kelly was cruising round town with his … wait, bad example. If Usher was cruising round town with his youngun, he’d have a Recaro Young Sport. (In fact, I think there might be one in the back of his Aston Martin). The value proposition of this car seat is simple: dress your littlun in this:

bling onesie If Usher made baby car seats

get the windows tinted, stick a ‘Cristal’ label on their Tommee Tippee and at least they can live the dream. Even if you’re driving a 1998 Volvo sedan.

What Recaro say: “The new Recaro Young Sport provides your child with a new kind of 5-point harness system that guarantees ‘growing’ safety for age group 1 (approx. 9 months to 4 years).”

What we say: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Safety system. 5 point harness. Come on Recaro, you can do better than that. At least hint at the elegant saphir exterior, the padded headrests, the hand-stitched-gold-laced removable cover, the built in speakers and massager, the WiFi enabled entertainment system.

Summary: It’s incredibly easy to fit and the safety-test results are excellent … and that should always be your priority.

Overall Let’s Dad! Score: 9/10

By Sam

Money saving tips for dads – clothes

Here’s a little “bring back the 80s” tip for dads to save money on clothes … which might get you in trouble with a fashion conscious mum … but it WILL save you money! Remember iron-on patches? Well – at some point in history (I believe) they were quite popular … either because you were a fan of the Greatful Dead (bless) or because your trousers were broken. The tradition of extending the life span of trousers using patches seems to have got lost somewhere in the 90s. Now that the global financial crisis is upon us, I say – bring back the patches (perhaps for kids only to start with until it’s cool again to wear patches).

jeans broken Money saving tips for dads   clothes jeans patched Money saving tips for dads   clothes
Before | After

That’s what we’ve done anyway – our little champ spends a lot of time on the floor (and so he should). As a result his trousers wear thin around the knees very quickly and then a few days later break/rip easily.

BTW – whatever happened to good quality jeans/denim (as in the material)? The pairs of jeans we buy these days barely seem to last? Doesn’t matter what brand we choose – they are all broken or look quite worn within 6 months.

Anyway … as an alternative to buying a new pair every time the trousers break we thought we should give patches a try (because my wife wouldn’t let our son be seen with a broken pair of jeans outside the house of course). Turns out patches are easy to find, there’s lots of them and they are cheap as chips.

Our little man loves them and he was also fascinated by the whole process – we let him watch from a safe distance when we ironed them on. It’s great because you can turn the whole thing into a game – i.e. let them pick their favourite patch, iron them on and then ask them to point at the patch (i.e. where’s the fish, where’s the car, etc).

In some cases you might have to sew them on to make sure they don’t come off – still, better than having to fork out for a new pair!