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Children growing up

My 3 children (13, 12 and 11) will all be teenagers next year!!! I count myself lucky that my 2 girls are really down to earth, and prefer to wear track pants and read books than look like Brat Dolls, in tiny little outfits trying to look like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie. In some way I think my girls are rebelling from the girly look, and at their age I’m not complaining.

I do however find myself less concerned about my boy, who will be going to High School next year and will be 13 latter this year, he plays sports and music and does his school work, overall a very good boy. I have no cause for concern. But even thou I have no real need of concern with my daughters I can’t help but I have some concern for my daughters as they go into their teenage years, I have heard some horror stories from other parents of their teenage children.

I have heard of young teenage girls attending group sex parties and these young teens are at the same school as my own young teen girl, as you can imagine I was just shocked to hear it happening, I know it happens in late teens (still far too early) but for girls as young as 13 and 14 years old! That is just way too young, the risks our young will take to fit in and to be liked.
They are just too young to fully understand what they are doing and the risks of STDs and pregnancy as well as possible sexual abuse from a sexual predator.

I have always said to my children that they can say anything they like, with the hope that when it counted most they would talk to me. I can only hope that it will be a long time away and pray it never happens.

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