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Kids Party Dadgets, Part 2 – The Games

15b 200x142 Kids Party Dadgets, Part 2 – The GamesSo you’ve had success with your electronic invites and now your house is full of screaming children vomiting peanut butter sandwiches into your DVD player’s disc-tray. Time to settle them all down for a few board games.

But why punish them with complex mental arithmetic when adding up the scores? Sure, you could be generous and give them a calculator to use, but you’d still need pen and paper to write it all down.

So whip out your iPhone and solve the problem by using the EZ Score app. You can keep track of everyone’s score very easily, even having a photo next to each child’s name. For 59 pence (or free for the Lite version that is limited to 3 players) you have become the cool dad with the iPhone who didn’t make his kids practice mathematics when they were supposed to be having fun. Dadgetastic.

-Craig Alan Williamson

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