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Clicking away fatherhood moments – would you?

click Clicking away fatherhood moments   would you?It’s 3am in the morning, you’ve been trying to get your baby to sleep for the last 2.5h, you haven’t had any sleep yet and this is the 3rd night in a row that it’s like that. Wouldn’t it be tempting to have a “make it all go away” button to press now? Or perhaps a FFWD option like in “Click”? Well no – because this is what it’s all about and before you know it is probably going to be over anyway.

I guess the temptation to “skip” over the unpleasant moments of anything seems like a tempting option at first. In some cases (generally not with babies) it may even be possible to do that as you can simply remove yourself from the situation or get someone else to do something you don’t want to do. Perhaps it even works out and you’re better off. With babies though it would be like cheating life for the very experience of living through those moments.

Although I don’t think Click was a great flick there was an interesting point in that once Adam Sandler’s character skipped through something he was tempted to skip through another situation as well (if we forget the very silly ‘memory function’ of the remote for a second). So if we had the choice to FFWD through those long nights why not FFWD when they are teething or sick. Maybe skip through the terrible 2′s altogether and see what happens after. But then we’ll probably have problems at Kindi and school, puberty, teen age years and so on. And if you did all that could you afterwards say that you actually experienced fatherhood?

It’s like that with anything in life but especially with having babies. You need the good and the bad (maybe even the ugly) otherwise even the good becomes meaningless after a while. Admittedly I was being slightly less philosophic about it that night at 3am … but I was thinking of writing this article and it is actually nice to hold that thought while you’re in the middle of it. It gave me some motivation to keep going and enjoy the totality of the experience of being a dad.


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