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Cutting their teeth

Pyper has this habit since she is teething to cry around 10pm just as we are getting off to sleep and then cry until we either get her so she will go on for hours, it just drives us both a little crazy when you have had a “hard day” and the last thing you want is to get her up and then go and calm her down and play happy happy joy joy for another hour. I can understand it must be pretty awful for the little lady and that we are just trying to help her, I hope she doesn’t feel that she is doing this alone it’s almost as if we are all having our teeth come through!

We have tried a few different things one being Bonjela, the other being Waleada teething powder which to be honest looks like Cocaine of which we just put on a spoon for her and feed to her! And then there is Naturopharm Teething spray of which we have used before the teething really started and this is suppose to be great!

So if any of you have tried the spray then do let me know would be good to have other’s views on teething!!

- Scott

View a couple of clips on teething

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