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Dad in da house – pests

pests 0 Dad in da house   pestsPest control can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Taking care of pests is a pest (usually) – here are some tips for busy dads to take control of pests so the little ones are not bothered by them.

Things to consider:

  1. Don’t delay: When it comes to pest control fathers have to realize the consequences of delayed action. First of all it can only make matters worse as insects have an uncanny ability to reproduce quickly and if there are a few now you can count on there being more soon. Second, when kids or other family members are involved it’s best to take care of the situation speedily to ease their discomfort.
  2. Stay calm: Don’t get me wrong; every dad can have his moment but after the initial surprise of discovering some roaches, ants, or other crawling things it’s time to regain composure and find a solution while staying calm. This is especially important when kids are around because sometimes just the mere sight of the little critters can be traumatic enough.
  3. Be an adult: Being a father when controlling pests doesn’t mean poking fun at others who may be a bit more freaked out by the creepy looking creatures. Make sure to balance resolving the situation with respecting other’s feelings.
  4. Be thorough: On the one hand don’t go about eradicating the pests like Rambo destroying everything in your path. On the other hand chase the little buggers like crazy and don’t give up until they are behind a wall or under the basement flooring . Even if a few get away you’ll feel confidant enough to tell the family it’s safe to come back out.
  5. Show some form of compassion: Stampeding over all of them may work but if kids are watching it may be a little much. At best have some mercy and try to capture the pests tossing them outside. At the very least try not to exaggerate when going on the offensive.
  6. Go green: Only use poison when necessary. Doing so will prevent the possibility that children and pets will be exposed to noxious substances.
  7. Clean up the mess: True, some insects are known to collect their dead but don’t count on it. When the wife and kids wake up in the morning they don’t want to see a war zone in the kitchen. So it’s best to pick up the bodies, body parts and any other debris lying around.
  8. Call a professional: When all else fails don’t be afraid to pay a fee and call a professional. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed in the pursuit of protecting your family. Sometimes harsher approaches like calling in the big boys are necessary.
  9. Take preventive measures: Once there is a pest problem and it’s resolved it’s important to take preventative measures. Keep food containers sealed, clean up after making a mess with food, and don’t leave water or liquids standing.
  10. Educate: Use all this information to educate others in how to be a good father and leader when pests infiltrate the home and need to be contained.

By Jakob Barry

Jakob Barry is a Hometalk writer. Read more articles like this one or get help with your home projects on

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