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Daddies Get Their Due

By Bill

When I first started blogging a few years back, there weren’t many daddy bloggers out there. Now it seems like everywhere you turn there’s an amazing new daddy blog just waiting to be discovered. Daddies are more than just breadwinners and punishment givers. The dad of today is involved just as much as his partner is parenthood, Mommy. Dads can be found on the web discussing the latest ways to treat diaper rash, giving tips on picking out tutu’s for their beloved daughters, and telling stories about how they’ve turned their marriages into equal playing fields. Just one quick Goggle search will tell you that Dad’s the world over are putting down their golf clubs and picking up their keyboards in an attempt to be better fathers.

That being said it’s hard for us dads to get noticed since it seems that everybody and their mother have blogs of their own. Between Pop Culture blogs, Mommy blogs, Pet Blogs, Gadget Blogs, Political Blogs….us dads do good to get 250 hits a week. Now before you say it of course I know we don’t do it to rack up numbers on our site meter, but a little recognition would be nice. That’s where The Best Of Blog awards come in. The main purpose of the BoBs is to shine that powerful Internet spotlight on the lesser-known bloggers of the world and give them the credit they deserve. If you have a favorite Daddy Blogger that deserves to be heard by the masses, head on over to The Best Of Blogs and nominate them today!


One Response to Daddies Get Their Due

  1. Jared says:

    Cool! I haven’t seen these blog awards before. I’ll have to check them out. :D

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