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Dad’s day out

dadsdayout Dads day outI always like to make sure I know how the day is going to look, Am I going to meetings? Am I going to town or anywhere else that may cause a problem for my little girl Pyper when out for a few hours.
I am a stay home dad so when I am not working on I am going to meetings or doing errands for my wife and her business, then I am looking after Pyper.

Everything in our household can be put off to the last minute – especially with newborns, you have to wake them, and do you feed them? Do you change them? What about their clothes?? Oh my god are we ever going to leave. Now if your organised and sometimes we are and sometimes we aren’t – we already have a babies bag ready to go with the following supplies:

1. Portable change mat or wrap to change them on or cover them up if they vomit etc
2. 3-4 disposable nappies
3. Thin portable pack baby wipes
4. Separate cold sterile water to put in the hot water to help make the correct temperature
5. Hot boiled water in a sterile bottle up to your babies normal feed, less enough for cold water plus formula. Place in a thermo bag to keep cool they usually stay warm for around 2-3 hours depending on the bag.
6. Change of clothes from head to toe and in between.
7. 2-3 muslin clothes for wiping up spills and also any other foreign objects.
8. Smallish toy to keep them occupied

Make sure they all fit into a good back that can go over your shoulder and isn’t too small or bulky but is comfortable.

Whilst out on your travels – how are you going to transport your child around?

1. Buggy/Pram with blanket
2. Capsule with blanket
3. Front pack
4. Carrying via a sling
5. Carrier pigeon
6. Mini quad bike

I personally always use a capsule, it can be a little heavy at times, if I keep feeding her she keeps getting heavier right I think I might… Anyway I use a capsule that has a base that is already strapped into the car, I can just unclip her from the base and leave her in the capsule and take her to where ever I’m going without disturbing her, and this is great especially if its during her sleep time which mostly it always is – inconsiderate daddy! This means I never have to take her out of the capsule and I don’t have to worry about her getting restless too much of the time anyway.

I only use a buggy when I have time to make it up, and when I can take her distances like shopping or walking to a cafe or something, and also when I have a place in the car to carry it, they can be big things which take up space. I have only just started using the front pack and they seem ok for around home also at this stage. Slings – haven’t used one. Carrier pigeons – as long as they don’t get the hiccups while carrying her they might be ok, hard to catch straight off the bat though. Mini quad bike – now that’s just plain stupid – OSH & ACC would have a field day or is that Field Days…

I make sure the baby bag and capsule are ready to go when I walk out the door, now I just have to remember to get the keys to the car.


3 Responses to Dad’s day out

  1. Tony says:

    Most important is to replenish the bag with items taken out immediately when you get back in doors as two hours down the track after feeding , rocking to sleep and fixing a coffee you would have forgotten and it will be the item that you will need next time out that is missing

  2. scott says:


    This is correct – you will make of this the next time you go out should you ever have forgotten anything last time. It can be hard to remember everything without taking the damn kitchen sink. Im probably guessing most guys are similar to me the absolute minimum and then out the door??

    Is this true?

  3. michael says:

    rocking to sleep and fixing a coffee you would have forgotten and it will be the item that you will need next time out that is missing

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