bodily symptoms where can i buy prednisone online of caregiver stress really launches “THE FATHERS PACK”

DIYFather fatherspack launches THE FATHERS PACKDads around the world have been waiting for this day – 29 March is the day that DIYFather gives new dads their own “Fathers Pack”. Cool!! So what’s a Fathers Pack? It’s a box filled with lots of products and essential information for dads – and it’s free! New dads can order their free Fathers Pack online at from March 29.

For many years now ‘baby packs’ have been given to new mothers in hospital – at DIYFather we believe it is about time new dads are treated equally. Our Fathers Packs are aimed at dads to help them on their fatherhood journey. The DIYFather Fathers Packs contain products for dads and the whole family ranging from gadgets, toys, accessories, skin care products and discounts for popular parents-products and services such as video/DVD hire. But the packs also include dad-specific parenting information delivered in electronic format, so busy dads can read up on essential parenting tips using their laptops or mobile phones. As part of the launch distribution 6 lucky packs will include a digital bath thermometer.

By introducing a pack specifically put together for dads, we would like to acknowledge the important role dads play during the birthing process, help fathers connect with their new-born baby, and encourage dads to get actively involved in looking after their child from day one.

Comment from Scott (DIYFather founder): “In the past most of the focus in parenting has been on the mother and baby. When we had our baby I felt ignored by the health system, and they thought I was unusual wanting to be an integral part of preparing for the arrival of our baby. Since starting we have found that there are lots of dads who want to be much more involved. So our Fathers Pack gets them off to a good start”.

So order your pack now at


-The DIYFather Team

2 Responses to launches “THE FATHERS PACK”

  1. Jash says:

    I just had my first baby and I have never felt more ignored and treated like i was in the wrong place when we were having our baby. It hasn’t really stopped yet either. People are shocked when I say I have been to all of her Dr. appointments and that I am usually the one that gets up in the middle of the night when she can’t sleep. Oh well I guess that comes with being an involved Dad.

  2. stefan says:

    Hey Jash – welcome to the new generation of dads! Great to hear you have chosen to be an involved dad – all the best!


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