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Easter Apps

Predictably the Easter season has also affected iPhone and iPad developers and as a result they have come up with a number of Easter-themed Apps. If you’re stuck inside this Easter or just want to avoid the mess that comes with a game of Egg Toss – check out the following free Easter Apps for a bit of entertainment on your iPhone, iPod or iPad over Easter.

  • Bunny Fingers Easter Rabbit Reality – Ever get the feeling that you’re seeing bunnies everywhere … well this app
    helps you see them.

  • bunny fingers Easter Apps

  • Easter Egg Hunt 3D – go on elaborate Easter Egg hunts and never leave the house with this app.
    egg hunt Easter Apps

  • Easter Basket Maker – if you’d like to make Easter Baskets but don’t have any suitable materials at home, check out this app and make some baskets for your kids

  • easter basket Easter Appsegg painter Easter Apps

  • Easter Egg Painter – got an expensive carpet? Check out the Easter Egg Painter egg for guaranteed “NO MESS” Easter egg painting!

  • Angry Easter Bunnies, Egg-splosion – if the whole Easter thing has gotten to you and you feel like you can’t take it anymore. Vent your anger with this app!

  • egg hunt Easter Apps

    Enjoy and have a happy Easter!


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