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Fall from bed

Ava fall Fall from bedIt happened so quickly, one moment she was on the bed, the next with a thud she wasn’t!

One early morning, Ava was playing on top of the bed, Mum had popped out to the kitchen and I was still half asleep under the sheets (it was a weekend)

I turned just briefly when I heard the thud, reflex took over and I was over her in a moment. Ava had fallen of the bed on her face, her legs still in the air. She started crying, first thought was she is ok, so I picked her up to sooth her.

She suffered a scratch and bruising to her head, but was her cherry self soon enough.

Here are some things to check for if your baby/toddler takes a fall.
- Does not Vomit
- Moves neck, arms and legs normally
- Keep an eye on the soft spot as long as it doesn’t start protuding your in good shape
- Keep awake for about an hour

Call your doctor if you are still not confident that your child is not well

TIP: Keep on your baby/toddler, they move fast and anything can happen.
Also if he/she does take a fall, don’t beat yourself up about it, there will be many more bumps and falls.

Warm Regards


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