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How to change a nappy – for boys and girls

(here’s a useful excerpt from our bestselling book “Call Me Dad” – check it out if you like this)

nappy change boy girl How to change a nappy   for boys and girls

Here’s a super simple step by step on how to change a nappy specifically written for dads. First things first: regardless of the type of nappies you use, the method of cleaning your baby hygienically is the same except for one thing: the sex of the baby. Cleaning a girl baby is different from cleaning a boy and, yes, it’s because of ‘the bits’. Let’s start with the basics:

* Get into a comfortable position and use a baby changing table if you have one.
* Have everything you need within arm’s reach, and NEVER leave your baby unattended on an elevated surface!

You’ll need:
* Clean nappy.
* Baby wipes (alcohol-free).
* Baby powder and/or barrier cream (to keep baby dry).
* Disposable change mat (if you’re not at home).
* A nappy bag (small plastic bag) to put the soiled nappy and wipes in.

How to change a nappy, step by step:

1. Before you remove the soiled nappy have a clean one already under the baby’s bottom. (Alternatively, it might be wise to use a couple of sheets of budget paper towels to save wasting a clean nappy.)

2. Undo the soiled nappy and, as you remove it, wipe from the front to the back in one movement with the nappy in one hand, keeping the baby’s bottom elevated by gently holding onto his ankles between the fingers of your other hand.

3. Skilfully(!) remove the soiled nappy in a tidy, rolled up bundle and set it aside. Ensure it is out of the baby’s reach and away from where you might need to place your hands. Keep the baby’s bottom elevated while you do this.

4. Take a wet cloth or wet wipe and, as you did with the nappy, start from the front and clean down. This is particularly important for baby girls: never clean from the back to the front with a girl as it may cause an infection.

5. Once you’re satisfied that your baby is clean and dry . . .

6. Apply some baby powder or barrier cream to the baby’s genital area first followed by their bottom.

7. Wrap your baby’s clean bottom in the fresh nappy (already under its bottom).

8. Place the baby in a safe place (stroller, buggy, cot, floor . . . ).

9. Dispose of the nappy as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

10. Wash your hands thoroughly in hot soapy water after each nappy change. Note: If you have a baby boy, tuck his hose down while you change him or you might need to change his or your own clothes, too!

Dad tip #35:
Babies quite often pee and/or poo within about three minutes of waking from a decent sleep, and if you go too ‘Superdad’ and change her instantly on waking, you may have a mess on your hands. Unless she’s already soiled, wait a while before changing.

The above content was taken from our bestselling book “Call Me Dad”.


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