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How to improve behavior – use wristbands

wristband How to improve behavior   use wristbandsHere’s a simple trick you can use to positively influence the behaviour of your kids – use wristbands. The basic principle of using this technique is to define something you want your kids to do (or not do), put up an incentive for it (e.g. a star in a star chart, treat, or small gift) and then use a wristband to remind them of it.

So for example if you want your child to stop hitting other kids, tell them what behavior you’d like to see and how you will reward it. After that select or make a wristband with a particular design or color (get your kids involved in choosing it or making it). Tell them that each time they feel like hitting another child they can look at their wrist and see the wristband which reminds them of the desired behavior as well as the prize at the end.

This technique really works a treat … especially in situation where you can’t be with your kids all the time to check their behavior. It works fantastically well when you drop them off at preschool or birthday parties – make sure you tell the teacher or supervising parent about the meaning of the wristband.

You can make wristbands out of paper and a piece of Scotch tape, a piece of yarn/cloth or any material you can wrap around your child’s wrist. Or of course you can buy silicon wristbands in all sorts of designs and colors. Whichever you do it, just do it – it’s an extremely powerful technique to influence your child’s behavior.



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  1. Michael says:

    Nice Idea! I’m always looking around for new ways to influence my kids to either do better in school or for them to stay focused and have better self control. Rewarding them always helps but something that can remind them about doing good can really be a good way to keep them thinking positively. I will definitely give this a try and let you know how it works out. Thanks!

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