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How Much Money Can You Save in a Month?

Guest post by Daniel Kidd

Saving money often seems like a challenging goal. With so many expenses and costs, it can seem that putting aside money and saving is impossible. Despite the potential challenges, anyone is able to set aside extra cash each month with a little hard work, planning and searching.

Searching for Comparisons
When it comes to necessities like insurance, taking time to look for comparisons and find better deals can result in putting more cash into the bank each month. Making use of a life insurance comparison site to determine if lower prices are available on life insurance might result in improvements to the financial situation. A life insurance comparison site, or similar websites for other insurances, give a good overview of current prices, special rates and lower costs when it is time to renew the coverage.

Comparison shopping can dramatically reduce expenses on the necessities like insurance, so it makes sense to take a little extra time to find better deals, particularly on items that are paid monthly.

Cook at Home
Home cooked meals might seem more expensive when buying the ingredients, but when they are calculated on a per-meal basis, the expense is often as much as two to five dollars less with each meal.

Even cooking a lunch at home and taking it to work instead of buying lunch at a restaurant or cafeteria can lower costs. Cooking at home will not only result in reducing the expense, but it is also healthier due to the lack of preservatives and use of fresh ingredients.

Walk or Ride a Bike More Often
Instead of taking the car to locations that are nearby, such as a store down the street, the local library or even work, plan to walk or ride a bike. Depending on the area, this can add up to several dollars of savings each month when calculating gas expenses. It is also good for health and helps eliminate the expense of going to a gym.

Cut Back on Unnecessary Expenses
Unnecessary expenses are items like that five dollar coffee from an expensive café or the impulsive purchase in the grocery store that is not actually needed. Depending on the situation, the key to cutting back on unnecessary spending each month will differ. In some cases, it might mean carrying only cash to help prevent overspending throughout the day while other situations will require nothing more than making a list and following that initial plan.

Reduce Consumption
Taking measures to reduce electricity expenses by using more natural light during the day or changing to energy efficient light bulbs can result in major savings throughout the month. Depending on the area and the amount of necessary electricity, it might be possible to reduce the cost as much as $50 a month or more by simply taking measures to avoid using electricity when it is not needed, such as turning off lights when leaving the room.

Everyone is able to save month each month by taking a few extra measures to reduce expenses. Anyone who puts effort into building up their savings will succeed and might even put aside hundreds of dollars each month by simply taking measures to cut back on expenses whenever it is possible. From comparing prices to reducing the use of utilities and preventing unnecessary expenses, putting aside money is easier than many expect.

By Daniel Kidd

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