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How to save space in your kids’ bedroom

The central piece of the bedroom is generally a large bed which occupies most of the space; in order to win free space, you can search for a bed appropriate for your room size at bedstar. Another reason for having not enough space in your bedroom is due to the fact that we are used to having lots of toys in the room as well.

So one of the easiest things you can do is to buy a size appropriate bed. E.g. consider the following:

  • Sofa bed – it can be folded during the day to occupy less space
  • Storage Bed – the storage spaces can be used for keeping all the toys in the storage compartment under the bed
  • Murphy bed – can be lifted during the day to give you floor access

Besides opting for a smaller or multifunctional bed, you could also add a few wall shelves of course. Along with the bed, closets use a lot of space in the bedroom. If you go with a storage bed you can get smaller closets and use the space under the bed for keeping clothes and toys. You can even get beds with rolling storage spaces.

Other Tricks
Clean and tidy up your bedroom at least once a week and keep memorabilia to a minimum (decorate walls rather than stuff the room with little things that are hard to keep tidy). This way, it will look nice and save more space by preventing worthless stuff to gather around. Also try different positions for your bedroom furniture … sometimes you can create more space simply by moving furniture. In conclusion, the best way to save space is to buy a multifunctional bed. You can find the perfect cheap beds for your bedroom at Bedstar.

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