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In the shower with dad … it’s not all about washing

One of the things I love doing at the start of the day or towards the end of the day is having a shower with Pyper. I take her in and we play whilst I also wash her … which is something we have done since she was very young.

One day this week she was very upset and just didn’t want to have a shower with me (and all we had to do was to wash her hair). So usually I would fill my mouth with water and then use it as a water fountain/ or cannon and shoot this at her stomach. This usually does the trick but that day she wasn’t buying “dads old tricks”. So I had to come up with something new and fast. I filled my mouth with water and made my cheeks round like a balloon on both sides, I then got her to push one of my cheeks with her finger and of course water sprouted out. She thought this was very funny and then decided she would push the other cheek as well which made her giggle (she looks very cute when she giggles with all her little teeth these days).

A few days later whilst in the shower she knew “daddy was going to do the full up the cheeks trick” so she pointed at a little bottle of shampoo (which I cleaned up and gave to her). She got it and even though the lid was securely on she put some “pretend” shampoo on her hand and then with her other hand tried to put shampoo on my head. Because I was holding her up she was higher than me, and could pat my head. She then started to pat my face and was washing it, and spent a few minutes pretending to put shampoo and water on my head and face. It was so lovely to have her really intensely cleaning me and thinking she was looking after me and of course she was – magic!

If you ever get a chance to shower with one of your children make sure that whilst you are both getting clean and trying to get things sorted you are also having fun! Littlies usually like water so it’s an ideal way to combine care & play.


2 Responses to In the shower with dad … it’s not all about washing

  1. Vic-James says:

    Hey scott,

    thanks for the tips on the new games, because i only get to see my son a few hours a day (before work and after) bath/showertime has been our quality alone time in the day. James has been starting to get a bit bored of the same things eg. toys etc.. so i tried the water fountain and he loves it… laughs his head off everytime i do it and he even knows when it’s coming now, so he anticipates and waits for the “20 seconds of fun” it’s hilarious

    will start using my brain by thinking up other fun things to do in our bathtime as having bathtime as a kid myself i never liked it one bit….


  2. anonymous says:

    Please wear bathing suits for propriety’s sake when you shower with your daughter. Learn from the experience of a daughter whose father showered with her..

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