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iPad story books

I’ve just discovered a new mixed media format and activity to do with kids – read-a-long story books on the iPad. Strictly speaking these are “apps” (or iBooks) of course but I think we are really beginning to see a new type of experience we can create for our kids which has become possible with the iPad or tablet PCs.

story book iPad story books

Many media owners have realised this and have jumped onto the opportunities – so there are plenty of read-along stories / story books around. Many of them are free – like the Toy Story app. So check them out on iTunes or the app store.

Let’s see where these types of apps/books go with new sensors becoming available in the next generation of smart phone / tablet computers … and enjoy what’s already available in the meantime!


2 Responses to iPad story books

  1. Ken says:

    These are really great. My two year old daughter loves the Dr. Seuss books, especially one fish, two fish. It’s amazing to see her “flipping” the pages with her pointy little finger. Too cute. It reminds me that she is growing up in an entirely different reality than I did.

  2. rhovs says:

    Try this nice app for teaching good habits to kids – “Little Steps to Good Habits” (available in itunes).

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