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iPhone App helps dads to “get with it”

learn the lingo iPhone App helps dads to get with itIf you were to catch your teen texting or typing the acronym “PBS” and you’re desperately trying to work out in your head what PBS could possibly stand for … don’t worry, you are not alone. These days our children are more likely to use TXTing, tweets and short updates on Facebook than to make an actual phone call. Consequently short codes or Internet speech is used in everyday vernacular. So “PBS” stands for more than just “Public Broadcasting System” … in this case it’s most likely to mean “Parent Behind Shoulder”.

So the good people of “LRNtheLingo” have gone with the times and developed a solution to help parents decode the secret language by creating an iPhone (iPod Touch / iPad) app for the uninformed adult. LRNtheLingo is a portable decoder that defines and explains texting codes, emoticons, and common slang terms that kids use these days. This app helps parents and guardians increase their knowledge of Internet terms and simplify communication with teens in their comfort zone.

“LRNtheLingo” is available on the iTunes App Store ($0.99). But the first 3 people to contact DIYFather about this app will receive a promo code that allows them to download the app for free (only works for US residents due to Apple Territory restrictions).



PS: You can also check out the LRNtheLingo website to purchase the app, or learn more about it.

3 Responses to iPhone App helps dads to “get with it”

  1. Edward Jung says:

    Also if you need help with those hiccups an iPhone app for it has just been recently released as well. It’s pretty handy for whenever you’re out of the house and a sudden attack of hiccups gets at you.

    Detailed information about this iPhone App is available through this link


  2. Nick says:

    Hi all,

    Nice post and nice app. If you have a young baby then the Baby Sleep Comforter iphone app may be of interest to you.

    It’s just been released and automaticaly plays soothing womb sounds (or other sleep sounds of your choice) should your baby wake in the night.

    We’d love to hear what you think.



  3. Vivian says:

    ok I get it but did you know you can hack it?

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