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Kick the colic!

As dads we can get an appreciation of what it’s like to feed a baby when we give the little ones a bottle of expressed milk (or formula). Cool – then what happens? The baby gets indigestion (or in extreme cases … a colic). DOH. A quick “dad will fix this” search on Google leads to plenty of remedies – some more bizarre than others. So here’s my attempt to sorting through the c … WIND and finding out what actually works. Try this at home guys!

The first type of remedies is free (HAH!) – and it’s basically some form of baby aerobics to do with releasing the trapped wind that causes discomfort. Check this out:

We did try this at home (sample size of 1) and it sort of worked but I guess the results also highly depend on your baby’s co-operation. Sometimes I found it impossible to perform the actual steps involved. Turning your baby on her tummy and patting the back and bum is also often mentioned as a remedy.

Then there is the stuff that costs very little and has been used for decades (Grandpa’s remedies). There is a selection of teas that fall into this category – probably one of the most common ones is Fennel tea. Easy to get from your local food store and cheap (around $2 to $3 for a bag). If you are lover of Indian food you will recognise the familiar smell and taste of Fennel seeds (it’s the stuff they give you after the meal). Preparing it for babies is easy – instructions on the tea bag suggest a tea spoon of seeds per 200ml of hot water – steep for 5-10mins, done. This worked a treat with our little champ (from month 3 onwards) and also helped when we ran out of milk (as a top up).


3 Responses to Kick the colic!

  1. the video is private; thanks for the tea tip

  2. stefan says:

    Hey Christian – thanks for pointing that out … have just changed the video.


  3. Sam's Mama says:

    Try The Happiest Baby on the Block -worked miracles for our colicky baby! We used the DVD, I think its on Netflix now…

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