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Letting go … gradually

climbing up the wall Letting go ... graduallyEvery weekend we have been going to a large hardware department store having a little bite to eat and then Pyper would play in the playground. Now as a two and a half year old watching her in this play ground can be rather nerve wracking. So it’s a fine line between being an over protective father and letting her be independent. It’s tough – when I see my little lady climbing up a wall with little or no support, it can be tricky to stand back and let her do it. These days what I’m thinking is how quickly she has grown and how the need for me to do everything for her is slowly diminishing as she wants to do everything by herself. It’s a great feeling but also means that parts of my role as her father become redundant and will be no doubt picked up later on in new areas.

So, long story short – cherish all moments you have with your little treasure as tomorrow comes very quickly!


One Response to Letting go … gradually

  1. Johnny says:

    Great post! I have a son who will be 3 in May. Taking him to playgrounds is almost as nerve wrecking as the first time I kept him by myself!

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