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Make your own Advent Calendar for Kids (2)

advent calendar new Make your own Advent Calendar for Kids (2)Now that we are well and truly in the pre Christmas season here’s some more instructions on making your own Advent Calendar for kids. This one is just as simple as the “Icicle Advent Calendar”.

What you need:

  • a piece of cloth / fabric (you can reuse an old table cloth or similar) approx. 80cm x 30cm (25 x 9 inches)
  • two wooden sticks (need to be longer than your fabric is wide)
  • piece of cord
  • little pieces of colourful fabric (anything will work)
  • stick on numbers (1 – 25) or you can simply cut them out yourself (made out of paper or fabric)
  • glue

So what you do is you take the large piece of cloth, and fold over both ends so that the wooden sticks fit through (to keep the cloth straight when you hang it up). You can use most all-purpose glues to glue the fabric (or if you prefer you can sew the fabric … use a thick red yarn for extra effect). Attach the piece of cord to one of the wooden sticks so that it creates a hanger. Next, cut out little squares (e.g. 5 x 5 cm / 2×2 inch) and glue (sew) all sides EXCEPT the top to the large piece of cloth to create little pouches. Arrange them on the cloth whichever way you like but make sure you can actually fit 25 pouches on there. Finally glue numbers on the pouches (you can number the pouches in sequence or randomly … whatever you prefer). Done!

If you have extra space on the cloth you can also decorate it some more by glueing/sewing other things on to it (like a cut out Santa Clause, reindeer, elves, etc).

Note: if you are really stuck for fabric you can also make the whole calendar out of cardboard and paper.

Now you just need to find little treats to put in the pouches and hang up in your house somewhere. Your kids will love it!



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