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Movie review – Dreamer

dreamer Movie review   DreamerAnother great movie that focuses on a father and his daughter is a movie called “Dreamer Inspired by a true story”.

It’s about a man trying to save a promising race horse that has broken its leg, and get it back up to scratch so that he can breed from it. His bad luck continues though as the horse turns out to be infertile and the farm he lives on is being foreclosed on.

What is nice about this story is that the father is willing to risk everything to make sure he can still be a role model for his little girl, even though he doesn’t feel like it and feels as if his own father has let him down somewhat!

If you are looking for a feel good movie to sit down and watch with the family or your little girl keeps asking for a horse then watch this movie its great!

- Scott

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you and your kids – or just you – want to settle in for nice film, and you’re looking for a pleasing, nice-looking, feel-good story you absolutely cannot miss with this film. Very highly recommended.

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