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New Year rituals with kids

new year New Year rituals with kidsAs another year draws to a close we tend to reflect on the past 12 months and wonder about what the next year will bring. Most cultures around the world celebrate new year with special rituals or traditions. So I thought it’s a perfect time to compile a little list of rituals you can do with young and old children:

1) Create a “best of” video / slide show using all the photos and video clips you’ve made this year (ideal for dads with babies and very young children) or record your kids asking them what they liked about this year and what they hope the next year will bring.

2) Make a time capsule by placing objects that you feel are relevant for the year gone by into a container. Seal the container and hide/burry somewhere (you can do this for or with your kids).

3) Make a small camp fire and jump across it (ensure everyone is safe when doing so). For added fun you can yell out some things you liked/didn’t like as you jump across … great way of letting go!

4) Give away things you no longer need (especially when you have babies and small children) and get your kids to do the same with their toys and clothes. Ideally you’d find a place where you can donate these items to (rather than just binning them).

5) Bake your own forture cookies! It’s easier than you think and you can write your own fortunes (bonus!). Check here for some simple recipes (All Recipees, Serious Eats).

Enjoy and have a fantastic new year!


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