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Newborn Parenting for a New World

baby signing2 Newborn Parenting for a New WorldIf you haven’t heard about “Dads The Word” check it out now! We’ve been working with Ross and her team for many years and her programme for new parents (“Newborn Parenting for a New World”) really is one of the best around. If you’ve ever been frustrated about upskilling your childcare skills (or find books just way too dry) give Ross’ programme a shot! Compared to many other parenting education DVDs, videos and apps “Newborn Parenting for a New World” is not only very practical but it’s also pretty funny!

In 28 minutes the “Newborn Parenting for a New World” DVD shows you how to:

  • Settle a crying baby
  • Bathing a baby
  • Step by step guide and tips on nappy changing for both baby girls and baby boys
  • Feeding a baby
  • Baby massage
  • Dressing your baby
  • And SIDS prevention
  • Relationship after baby
NB: the DVD is also available in Spanish, German, Mandarin and Japanese(!)

Here’s what Ross has to say about her programme: As a Midwife, I have always been passionate about newborn babies, knowing that what happens to them as babies, influences how they turn out later.
I dedicated my life to them, hoping to make a difference in their lives, but I could only nurse so many … and mostly, I only had them for such a short time.
So, I became passionate about Mothers and babies, because the Mom was going to be the one doing most of the caring, so I needed to help the Mom, so that the baby would have the best possible outcome.
And for years, I wanted to make a fun educational video for new parents, so that parents could start out right, and if you get a good start and good foundation, the baby has a better chance.
It took me 4 years to make the video, and I decided to focus on the Dad. The research was overwhelming about how fathers will affect the long term outcome for their children so I became really passionate about DADS (and moms and babies of course).

This DVD is really a no-brainer … if you’re a dad buying it, you’ll like the practical tips and humour (and it’ll get you lots of brownie points with the missus). If you’re a pregnant/new mom buying it – the DVD makes for a perfect “no nag” present to help the man in your life get to grips with sorting out the little one.



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