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Question to DIYFather: question about my ex, his present wife, and how my ex treats our daughter who is 25

My ex husband and I divorced over 10 years ago. He remarried 10 months later. I lost my home because I was unable to pay for it do to my lack of education and skills. He continued to prosper his business and lives on a golf course home, has a ministry, and travels. His wife has undermined the relationship with his daughter where her family has priority over our daugther. He was abusive to me and abandoning during our marriage. The relationship with his wife supersedes the one with his daughter. He has a
hands off with her, and will not help her out financially, even though he is well off. My daughter is very capable and responsible, but could have used
some assistance in acquiring her own home as well as for other issues. My ex will not even speak to me, even if it has to do with our daughter. Our daughter is our only child. His present wife cannot have children. I feel that his priorities are misplaced greatly and it continues to place a wound on our daughter.

What is wrong with him, and what can be done?

- Diane

One Response to Question to DIYFather: question about my ex, his present wife, and how my ex treats our daughter who is 25

  1. eric says:

    Hi Diane

    Thank you for contacting DIY Father

    I can hear your commitment to your daughter to having a great life. And I can relate at some level to a Father favouring his partners family over his own.
    My father did what he did, because he placed his priority on his relationship than on his children.
    It wasn’t wrong, however it did leave my brother and myself without guidance as our mother was not around either.

    Diane, my feedback is, your daughters father is who he is, and there is nothing that can be done to change that, only he can make that change for himself. What he appears to be doing, isn’t wrong his relationship should be his priority, however he does appear to fall short in his role as an interested father, as he could make room for his daughter too (you are right).

    Your daughter is 25 and is old enough to sort herself out before she turns 30, without needing any additional financual support.

    Warm Regards


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