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Rorschach inkblot pictures with kids

watercolor kids1 Rorschach inkblot pictures with kidsPainting with watercolours is just great … it’s a really easy activity with young children and many of them love doing it. Especially if mom and dad are joining in! Here’s a little twist on the old “house, garden, dog” paintings … why not introduce them to the Rorschach inkblot technique (i.e. just fold the paper when the paint is still wet to create interesting mirror images). Apart from creating really cool paintings you can also challenge your offspring’s creativity by asking them what the paintings look like.

watercolor kids2 Rorschach inkblot pictures with kidsA watercolour set + brushes and paper will probably set you back less than $5 … so it’s a really cheap activity that can entertain the little ones for hours – and the paint in watercolor sets lasts for months. Best of all – most sets these days use colours that don’t result in permanent staining in case you have some painting accidents. If you do painting on a table just cover the table with some old newspaper – you’ll have no stains and the clean up will take all of 5 seconds.



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