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row row row your boat

We went away last week for a few days, to a place called Lake Taupo, of which we had done hundreds of times, but this time we decided that we might look at taking out a sail boat and it seemed like a really great idea. We got down to the marina where the boats where and then my wife asked me the question “Do you know how to sail one of those” and I said “of course I don’t – can’t be too hard” and with her and Pyper there she decided that we would take out the – yep you guessed it row boat.

Now this isn’t as easy as it sounds – I am usually co-ordinated and I have done some rowing before but with Pyper on board in her cute little life jacket it really was harder, and I was mindful of making sure she was safe and we did everything close to the shore line!

We set off and basically went out around 100m off the shore line and played around really ,she didn’t really care at all and just ate little snacks the whole time.

I loved taking her out but also didn’t want to get into trouble so I would only recommend going out ina row boat, if your with another person to look after your little one.

She looked so cute with her life jacket on, her doll and her little lunch box full of snacks.



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