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Safety dads – corner bumpers

corner bumper Safety dads   corner bumpersThere was a story in the news recently about a 2-year old boy who fell of the sofa, hit his head on the corner of a low dining table and needed 13 stitches. Not great – another reminder for all parents to baby-proof your house before it’s too late. So I saw these in IKEA the other day and just had to post a photo – what a simple design to protect corners … and they look kind of cool. You gotta love the Swedes … they gave us ABBA, the Swedish Chef, Swedish Tanks (Volvos) and now the IKEA corner bumper! YAY! You can get them in lots of colors for around $5. Nice. Whatever type of corner bumpers you end up getting … it doesn’t matter, just get some. They are a very good investment in the safety of your house when the little ones are about.

And NO, I haven’t been asked to write about this by IKEA … I just like their stuff.


4 Responses to Safety dads – corner bumpers

  1. anonymous says:

    Annoying…you don’t actually tell us anything useful about the product. What you did write applies to any corner guard, of which there are many. Also, they are $7. You are off by 40%. Lastly, this isn’t an investment. I hate it when people misuse that word.

  2. stefan says:

    Thanks for your comment. OK so what detail have I missed to describe? This is not a product review … there was nothing outstanding about this product – as you pointed out corner guards are pretty generic. This post is a simple “I saw this and I think it’s cool”.

    I saw these in one of the IKEAs in Australia and they were $5 at the time … prices change all the time and the price point was just an indication.

    Lastly – please enlighten us about the use of the word investment.


  3. Canuck Dad says:

    What’s your point, ####? Stef introduced us to a product which he liked. Your rant is of no value to anyone.

  4. Canuck Dad says:

    Thank you Stef, I was actually looking for some suggestions and yours is a great one. I’ll make sure to swing by Ikea this weekend. And by the way, ignore the rude rant from “anonymous”. Note that (s)he was too embarassed to attach his/her name to the pointless comment. :-)

    Cheers to you from Canada!

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